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I am, so I create, even after I am no more. - Chellz 


Chellz is a multi-faceted artist, entrepreneur, ESL teacher, dancer, musician, volunteer, traveller, writer, and designer. (Deep breath) She has begun to continue her journey as a creative entrepreneur, producing a brand that promotes self-love, acceptance, expression, and celebration of cultural identity. Her combined passion for culture, performance, design, and personal growth has been fostered and cultivated into an all encompassing symbol of positive development: #bemagnificent 

Chellz started playing classical piano and acoustic guitar with her father at around age 6. She is a self taught dancer and learned by borrowing video tapes from the local library. She sang in the church choir throughout her childhood and at age 15 after auditioning, was admitted into a performing arts program in the States where she studied musical theatre, ballet, modern, and jazz. Her desire to learn more about her cultural heritage led her to study various Caribbean dances and instruments such as: cuatro, steel pan (tenor), and percussion.


She is dancer and musician for various bands and is currently working on producing an EP. Her unique personal music style is best described as Afro-Caribeña Vibe.

Notable Performances: SunFest London, TVO Kids: Gisele's Backyard, 2015 PanAmerican Games, Breakfast Television, CBC and Radio Canada.  

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