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What's in a name?

The name GemMaria both acknowledges Chellz' Mom (Gemma) and pays homage to her Abuela (Maria) (04-15-14). 

GemMaria is a unique brand offering handmade jewellery and custom printed apparel. All handmade products are designed and manufactured  by myself in my studio located in Toronto. I draw inspiration from all aspects of my life experiences, travels, and encounters.


The history, cultures, foods, and lifestyles that can be found within Africa, the Caribbean, and South and Central America are at the centre of the design concepts. I source materials from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, and Ghana to provide you with the best quality beads, threads, and textiles. 

The GemMaria Shop is all about bringing awareness to social issues, making a personal statement, or expressing your pride and support for your country and culture through apparel. Start a conversation! Let people know what is important to you and why you are proud to rep your country, culture, and foods. Be sure to use the hashtag #styledbygemmaria on instagram for a chance to be featured on The GemMaria Shop page! 



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