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How do you love?

Love Radically - Chellz
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Love: Radically

Anxiety and pain

Not only triggered by real time experiences

But posts, shared stories, all evoking

Feelings of not belong in

This cloud of smoke filled with animosity

A fire that burns, fed by


An un welcomed foe

Extinguished by L – longing

Longing for unity despite the hurt

Longing to express the hurt through art

Through smiles


Through good days and bad

Through creations and energy.

Observing – O

Giving space where it is due

And practicing silence when needed.

Knowing when its voice need not be heard.

To valídate – V

And see those who are marginalized by intentional systematic oppression sustained by

E – embracing

A love that listens and does not judge

That fuels the fight

And insights passion

My love for my history spills into the sea of hate, discrimination, prejudice, y para ser honesta, pilas de Jabladores.

It is a love that centres the issue and the affected martyr and does not play the victim.

This love is revolutionary.

It is the song of liberation and consciousness that pulls me in to my sister, my brother, to help them to evoke and maintain their spirit, their culture, and quite frankly, keep their sanity.

This love is not self-seeking, boastful, or proud.

It is kind.

Understanding, so

Do this love.

Radically loving the cause, uncompromisingly loving the future, progressively loving the past

We share a love for the same cause

As we love, radically, the colonizers continue to colonize

As we stand together, strengthened by a love of hope and resistance

Nurturing a love that courses through our very being

Melting away feelings of alienation.

Longing, observing, validating, embracing, love: radically

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